Association Une Vie® is an international charity committed to fight child sexual abuse.

We spread awareness all over the world, in more than 30 languages.

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Lanzarote Committee, 2018
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In order to better prevent child sexual abuse, we need to know more about it.


Sexual violence against children concerns all countries, all social backgrounds, all cultures and all religions.

Children are the first victims of sexual violence, and among them, children with disabilities are the most affected.

There is no minimum age for being a victim of sexual violence.

Before puberty, girls and boys could be victims in the same proportions.

When a child is sexually abused, the perpetrator is almost always someone close to the child.

When a child is sexually abused, one out of five times a woman is the perpetrator.

When a minor is a victim of sexual violence, one out of every two times it is a minor who is the perpetrator.

To limit sexual violence, it is important to help both victims and perpetrators.

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We develop prevention materials in many languages to help better identify, detect, report and prevent child sexual abuse. These publications can be ordered online or downloaded.

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